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What to Bring

There are certain items The Brook Hospital recommends our patients bring upon entering treatment. If any items are unacceptable, our admissions staff will discuss the specific items which are prohibited. Please note that washers and dryers are available on premises.

What to bring/what not to bring?

  • Clothes - We recommend a 3-4 day supply of casual, comfortable clothing. We have washers and dryers available to our patients at no charge, as well as laundry detergent. For Patient safety, please don’t bring clothing that requires belts and drawstrings or shoe strings. Slip on or Velcro athletic shoes are preferred.
  • Phone Card - There are phones available on the units near each nurse’s station for use during free time. Local calls are free of charge but long distance calls will require a card to call out. Cell phones are not allowed to be kept on the unit (same for I-pods and laptops).
  • Cash - Bring a small amount of cash to be used on vending machines.

Patriot Support Program

Patriot Support Centers are stigma-free private facilities with specially trained staff and treatment interventions needed to help restore our Warriors and their families. If you or a loved one feels these effects—depression, anxiety, problems readjusting to civilian life—we would be honored to help.

A Patriot Support Center is ready to serve. Please follow this link to find a location nearest you.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

We cannot offer diagnosis, counseling or recommendations online, but an Assessment and Referral specialist is available 24 hours/7 days a week at 502.426.6380. If you are currently experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

If you prefer to contact us via email, please click here to fill out a request information form.

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